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Fusing Press Machine
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Dutron Heating System - for exact and reliable temperature control : Contact heating with a metal plate provides efficient and effective heat transfer and heat control. The heating plate is a special conductive aluminum alloy proven in our Ambica fusing Machines over the years. Rigid standards...
Group: Machines pressing
Heat Transfer Machine
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Operating procedure for Tailor Model is same as Industrial Model except the lower plate which is sliding to and fro. The upper plate is fixed, only it ups and downs by Front Handle to create pressure on the cloths and to control the buzzer alarm.
Group: Presses of hot-pressing
Strip Heaters
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There are three strip heaters in the upper plate of the machine. Each has 1 KW capacity. In case, any heater is failed, it should be replaced. Procedure : First disconnect the machine from electric supply. Keep Rear Handle down, the top pressure plate will be steady in horizontal position. Lower...
Group: Heating plates
Timing Belt Pulley
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Ambic brand Mechanical Power Transmission TIMER BELT DRIVES Systems are especially suitable for application where high efficiencies, constant angular velocity, Synchronization, fixed center, low operating tension and freedom from maintenance are important design parameters. Timing Belt are...
Group: Pulleys
Liquid Ring Vaccum Pump
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Type Motor H.P. Pump Speed R.P.M. Suction Capacity in Cu.M/Hr. at mm of Hg accum. Sealing Water L.P.M. 400mm 500mm 600mm AE-1 3 2880 65 60 50 ...
Group: Rotary vane pumps


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