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There are three strip heaters in the upper plate of the machine. Each has 1 KW capacity. In case, any heater is failed, it should be replaced.

Procedure :
First disconnect the machine from electric supply. Keep Rear Handle down, the top pressure plate will be steady in horizontal position. Lower down the Front Handle. Then as shown in figure unlock the locking nuts and remove all nuts from the studs. Gently lift up front handle. The upper plate will be separated from top portion of the machine. The Rear Handle should be lift up in such a way that jerk due to main springs tension should not be allowed. Remove the top cover gently by unscrewing the, screws. Care should be taken, electric wires should not be damaged, which are passing through cover. The heater should be unclamped and replace it by new one. Fix the coverin usual position by screwing. Then lower down rear handle. The top portion of the machine should be down in such a way that the four studs of the upper plate should go through the holes of small M.S. plate by Front handle lowering. The pressure springs should be kept between nuts on studs and adjust the spring pressure by turning the nuts evenly. The machine will be ready to work.

Information is up-to-date: 26.02.2013

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