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Timing Belt Pulley
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Timing Belt Pulley

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Ambic brand Mechanical Power Transmission TIMER BELT DRIVES Systems are especially suitable for application where high efficiencies, constant angular velocity, Synchronization, fixed center, low operating tension and freedom from maintenance are important design parameters.

Timing Belt are basically flat belt with a series of evenly spaced on the inside circumstances, there by combining the advantage of the flat belt with the positive grip feature of chain and gears drives. The tension members helically wound cable are embedded in neopreneor polyurethane which gives enormous strength, excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation. Moulded integrally neoprene tooth are precisely formed and accurately spaced. The tough, wear resistant fabric nylon facing covers the belt's wearing surfaces.

There are several advantages for selection of TIMER BELT PULLEY DRIVES :
Timer belt drives are positive grip devices. There is no chordal rise or fall of pitch line, no slippage and no belt creeps. This belt require no lubrication because there is no metal to metal contact and the noise level is low in normal speed range.

Cost is always and important advantage and the initial cost is usually the only expense involved. Thus, Timer belt drives are an economical means of power transmission.

Timer belts have a speed range from inches per hour to approximately 16.000 fpm. Small pitch belt can transmit positive motion while operating at high speed. Speed in excess of 8000 fpm are generally impractical for large pitch belts.

Power capacity of Timer belt drive ranges from subfractional to approximately 800 hp. The drive must be belted to transmit the power required by the highest load encountered.

Special functions, Many Timer belts drives are used for functional rather than power transmission application. Because they travel with predictable positive, nonslip, precision, designers have created a variety of devices. As example, anguler drive, triangular drive, squre drive, deflection drives, multi shaft drive, reversing drive, conveyor belt drive etc. Also tubing cut-off system, fabricating cartons, elevator conveyor for ball bearing, drive track for snow mobile etc.

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